About our Company

Making Time for Significance.

TDV Solutions Consultants is a federally incorporated business operating from Canada’s national capital, Ottawa Ontario. It was founded by Marek Wakulczyk.

Experts in our respective fields of experience, we operate internationally but proudly remain a small, boutique-style organization offering personal services. We are a fluid group that networks together to bring success, encouragement, as well as significance and peace to our clients. We refer to ourselves as coaches and mentors, not counselors.

We interact with local leaders, national Members of Parliament, as well as members of the international diplomatic community.

We respect and enjoy the multiple perspectives that celebrate God and the acceptance that there remains a great many wonders we do not fully understand. We give thanks for the present, and we pragmatically move forward towards improving our selves and our organizations, as well as that of those around us.

“ You are already successful beyond the hopes of many. Whether motivated by Nietzche, by God, or by any of the positive philosophies of our world, now ask yourself: Is this the life I want ?”

– Marek Wakulczyk, founder



Following the path of truth is always a good strategic choice, but it is easier said than done in a world of competing interests and divided loyalties.


Fulfilling responsibilities to God (spiritual principles), to others, and to our selves. The challenge is knowing how to do what next, given limited time and insufficient resources.


Show courage, perseverance and love as we address the challenges and opportunities in our lives.

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